Women’s First VIII

Introducing our Women’s First VIII for 2018. GUBC’s women’s squad have had a good season so far; with the first 8 coming 34th at WEHoRR,  and strong performances at the recent BUCS Regatta making it to the Intermediate 8s A final. 7/9 of these girls then went on to make up the Henley Women’s Academic Eight crew, who placed a very impressive 5th in the time trial and lost respectfully to a Bath/Bristol composite in the quarter-finals.

They were off to a strong start but Edinburgh made a move early on that the Glasgow girls couldn’t match up to, and so it lead to a win from Edinburgh.

Cox – Lindsey Vest

Stroke – Kirsty Naismith

7 – Amy Fraser

6 – Ellen Smith

5 – Emma Pearson

4 – Jane MacGregor

3 – Maeve Dale

2 – Marlene Cornelis

Bow – Jenny McCormick