Men’s First VIII

Introducing our Men’s First Eight for 2018, largely the same crew that came 39th at HoRR and made the Championship 8+ final at BUCS. Following the Boat Race, they then went on to become Scottish Champions in the 8+ as well as prequalify for the Temple 8+ Challenge Cup at Henley Royal Regatta.

The Edinburgh boat had the boys from the start and sadly the Glasgow boys did not manage to regain the distance that Edinburgh had won over them, and so it was another win for Edinburgh.

Cox – Caitlin Champain

Stroke – Angus Robson

7 – Rory Young

6 – Gerard Gallagher

5 – Asa Jamieson

4 – Aaron Nicholson

3 – Callum Sinclair

2 – Brennen Taylor

Bow – Seumas Brett