Find the Boathouse

Directions to the Boathouse –

The boathouse is about 3 miles from the University Main Gate and is situated by the Clyde at Glasgow Green. Walking upstream it’s the far end of the East Boathouse, on the bend between the Blue Bridge (St Andrew’s Suspension Bridge) and the road bridge (King’s Bridge) on Ballater Street/King’s Drive (A74). Coming from Ballater Street therefore, it’s the first boathouse. It’s got lovely black railings with a yellow gate.

Travelling by Bicycle (The easiest and cheapest way!)

Usually takes 15-25mins. If you’re north of Great Western Road, go along it or Maryhill Road to St. Georges Cross, under the flyover to Charing Cross and down to the river under the M8. South of GWR, come along University Avenue and head down Kelvin Way opposite the GUU. At the end of Kelvin Way, take the second left along Argyll Street. Go along past the Tesco Express on the right and then take a right at the next set of traffic lights at PC World. Go down the hill, under the Expressway and towards the White Arch bridge (Clyde Arc). Either route, its now your choice whether you go on the cycle path or the road, but you’re going along next to the river until you get to Glasgow Green.

By Subway

Get off at St Enoch. Walk straight ahead, past Tesco, to the river. Turn left. Keep walking to the boathouse, about a 15 minute walk. Remember, the Subway doesn’t open until 10 on Sundays!

By Bus

Very handy if you’re coming from Murano, in which case hop on the 41 or 60 on Maryhill Road and get off at St Enoch/Argyll Street. The golden rule is to then walk downhill until you hit the river. Then head upstream until you reach the boathouse. If you are at the Uni, best bet is an 18 from Queen Margaret Drive or Byres Road, getting off at Bridgeton Cross. Or any bus that will take you to the St. Enoch Centre/Central Station. Then walk down to the river, turn left and keep walking till you get to the boathouse!

By Car

Two ways to go:

Route 1: Come over the M8, either from the Clyde Expressway or Charing Cross and take the exit on the other side to East Kilbride (Junction 20). From the Motorway exit its a left turn and over two sets of lights before the road takes you right. Choose the right hand lanes and you turn right after the railway bridge. Left at the lights by The Sou’Wester Tavern then right and left pretty swiftly. You should now be on Ballater Street (A74) with high rise flats on your right hand side and the Mosque on the left. Keep going on past the swimming pool, watch out for the speed camera and left turn as soon as you’re over the bridge. Go down through the No Entry sign.

Route 2: Go down along Argyle Street, right at the lights at PC World in Finnieston. Keep going down towards the Clyde Arc and turn left at the lights by it. Follow the road along Broomielaw Quay until the railway bridge then turn right across Glasgow Bridge and then follow the post railway bridge instructions of Route 1 turning left at The Sou’Wester Tavern straight ahead.

By Foot

This will take you about an hour. The easiest route is through the middle of town; Sauchiehall Street, Buchanan Street, Argyll Street, then follow the Subway/Bus directions

By Taxi

As a last resort. Ask the nice man to take you to the National Hockey Centre at Glasgow Green. We’re just over the road and down the hill.


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