As former member of GUBC, or friend of the club, you will know the commitment and drive required to compete at any level of our sport. We are determined to back our athletes with the coaching, equipment, and facilities needed to ensure they develop to realise their potential.

This all comes at a price, and we are grateful for the support provided by the University. We recently recruited our first full time paid Director of Rowing to oversee our coaching programme, and this was only made possible with support from the University, Sport Scotland, and Scottish rowing through a four year commitment to our programme.

To back up this investment we need to raise money for replacing our ageing fleet of boats. Any donation you can provide would be greatly appreciated, and we’d love to reconnect with as many previous members as possible. At the link below you can find a simple online method for donating in a one off payment, or monthly, directly to GUBC. This method has the added benefit of Gift Aid being added on top of your donation when it’s processed through the Alumni Fund at the University. If you are able to donate, please also add your email address to our alumni list on this website, or email our captain so we can keep in touch and provide you with our latest newsletter.

The link to donate can be found here. Please select “Rowing Club”, you may also add Gift Aid (25%).


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