WEHORR 2017 was a record breaking weekend for the GUBC women with 5 entries and our highest ever finishing position of 20th from the first VIII. WEHORR is always a spectacle with around 300 women’s 8s taking to the Tideway and this year was no different. With warm weather and significantly better conditions than expected, spring seems to have come to London a little bit earlier than Glasgow! Despite the usual marshaling madness (including cox Stuart climbing down the boat to perform some last minute seat repairs) all of the crews had good races and produced results to be proud of.


First VIII

Position: 20

Cox: Rachael Scott, Stroke: Flora Wharton, 7: Maggie Ulyatt, 6: Rosanna Loy, 5: Katie Mackie, 4: Ellen Smith, 3: Emily Colley, 2: Rachel Cannon, Bow: Maeve Dale


The first VIII had a lot to prove after a slightly shaky BUCS head. Undaunted, they attacked the race with total aggression and determination, mirrored in Rachael’s coxing. Becoming involved in an intense, 3 boat battle almost immediately off the start helped the girls maintain a powerful rhythm all the way to Hammersmith Bridge. There was no rest though as Rachael called for the girls to, “go into the darkness together,” as they threw absolutely everything into the final stretch to the line to place 20th. A brilliant result and a sign of great things to come from this crew.

Second VIII

Position: 79

Cox: Jenny McGregor, Stroke: Amy Fraser, 7: Jenny McCormick, 6: Anna Winton, 5: Kelsey Collington, 4: Elspeth Omand, 3: Izzy Warren, 2: Ella Gourlay, Bow: Eilidh Davidson


The girls in Sebino had a tough starting position to contend with, going off last in their division with a very fast crew (Leander, the eventual overall winners behind them). Despite this they had an extremely composed and consistent race, sticking to their own race plan and staying ahead of the Leander crew until Harrods. An excellent end to the head racing season for this crew who are looking forward to regatta racing.

Development VIII

Position: 155

Cox: Mairi Iredale, Stroke: Beth Strachan, 7: Caitlin Champagne, 6: Charlotte Bawn, 5: Catherine Ellis, 4: Shona Gilmore, 3: Ciara Garrett, 2: Catrin Stephen, Bow: Zara Francis


WEHORR 2017 was the first year that Glasgow entered their new senior development squad to the race, and what a great race they had! Starting at the end of their division seemed to be an advantage for the crew as they flew past 3 boats in the first 4km, using each one to push them on down the course. They finished on a high, battling in the final 500m and using the encouragement from the London crowd to overtake a 4th crew, subsequently climbing 22 spots in their category. It was a huge achievement for Glasgow’s first development crew, paving the way for the future of this squad!

Novice First VIII

Position: 170

Cox: Stuart Mitchel, Stroke: Kirsty Naismith, 7: Elizabeth Barreiro, 6: Nina Petric-Gray 5: Amy Tulloch, 4: Carmel Connelly, 3: Rebecca Perry, 2: Jane MacGregor,  Bow: Lucy Donaldson


Taking on the Thames in your first year of rowing is no easy feat. The Novice Women’s 1st 8+ took the race by the scruff and went hell for leather, taking two crews before Hammersmith. With 2.6km to the line the girls dug deep and took a further three crews before the line, with a crushing overtake of Imperial’s Novices’ as the crew passed Fulham FC. The girls punched themselves an impressive 109 places on from their start position and finished 5th in Novice Academic. Expect big things from this lot in the Summer Racing Season.

Novice Second VIII

Position: 271

Cox: Eloise Jones, Stroke: Siobhan Wilson, 7: Louise Pearce, 6: Laura Greenwood, 5: Kirstin Mackay, 4: Sophie Anderson, 3: Kenzie Case, 2: Catherine Holland, Bow: Ellen Cooper


Eloise coxed a great race with her crew, using her experience to harness the adrenaline of competing in such a huge event to motivate them to fight through the pain and row the best they ever had together. They battled many neighboring crews – including retaking a boat which had initially overtaken them, and did themselves proud competing alongside such elite crews! They remained powerful throughout and had an excellent final push to secure a strong finishing position.

These results really show the growth of the women’s squad in the last few years as we have never entered 5 crews at WEHORR before. In addition, excellent finishing positions including our highest ever and some of the strongest novice results seen in recent years are a glimpse of great things to come.  As always, everyone involved had a brilliant time in one of the highlights of the racing calendar – we look forward to seeing what the boys can do next Saturday!


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