150th Anniversary

150th Anniversary Celebration
18th November 2017, Trades Hall, Glasgow

We’re seeking any and all members from our rich 150 year history to attend to help us celebrate this historic anniversary.  A program of entertainment will be put in place for the day, involving a ‘nostalgia trip’ to the boathouse complete with a prosecco/beer tent and perhaps even a scratch regatta if there’s the appetite.  This will then be followed by a dinner at the Trades Hall featuring multiple guest speakers and post-dinner entertainment.  Ticket prices are TBC – but will be nothing astronomical!  We hope this gives enough notice to start booking flights and making the necessary arrangements.

We have set up a small sub-committee comprising of Peter Russell (Club President), Charles Westwood (Vice President), Iain Giffin (Vice President), Ann Gibson (Alumni), Laura Rankin (Alumni) and Stuart Mitchell (Club Captain) take this event forward. Tickets will be on sale later in February and an attendees list will be published live on the website. To register interest please contact one of the individuals listed below who will be happy to respond to any matters arising.  Their contact details are:

Pete Russell – (peterdouglasrussell@gmail.com) or 07974970492
Iain Giffin – (Giffy71@hotmail.com)
Charles Westwood – (westwoodcharles@outlook.com)
Stuart Mitchell- (Captain-boats@gusa.gla.ac.uk)

To celebrate this moment in the club’s history we have set up a ‘150th Fund’ for donations which can be accessed here.


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