Rutherford Head 2016

It might not have been bright, but it was definitely early at 4.30am when 60 rowers, coxes and coaches left for Rutherford on Saturday morning. Arriving in Newcastle as the sun rose, it was freezing cold but the water looked good!

Division 1

The day started off well with 1st and 2nd for the Women’s coxed 4s in IM2 – faster than any elite 4+s on the water and despite some technical issues mid-race for one crew!

It was a frustrating 2nd place for the Men’s IM3 8+ despite a good row and some aggressive lines from Lindsey.


Both our Women’s IM3 4+s had good races with lots of overtaking and coming in 4th and 5th respectively.

The Men’s novice 8 did well to come 3rd, placing higher than Edinburgh’s men.

Racing in only a onepeice in freezing temperatures – true bravery!

Division 2

After some confusion in division 1 most crews were slightly more aware of the exact position of the finish line – no one fancied another 2km “final sprint!”

The women’s IM2 8 placed 2nd behind Newcastle while the IM3 came 4th.

After a collision on the start line and a restart the novice women came through to come 4th!

A big performance from the men’s IM3 4+ brought yet another frustrating 2nd place.


Unfortunately for the 50 rowers on the coach their day wasn’t over until after 11 o’clock at night as a breakdown turned a 2 and a half hour journey into 5 hours cooking on a hot bus!

Overall a good start for the club in the first big head race of the season and there’s still plenty of work to be done over the winter!

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