BUCS 2016

Women’s Intermediate Pair:

  • A-Robyn Gillies, Rosanna Loy- 7th
  • B-Flora Wharton, Gráinne Maguire Conneely- 9th
  • C-Amy Fraser, Baraat Boutaleb- 24th

After a strong time trial, the A and B crews made it into the A/B semi-final while the C crew made it into the D final. In a tough semi-final, the A and B crew finished 5th and 6th respectively but came back fighting in the B final to come 1st and 3rd.  The C crew finished 6th in D final.

Women’s Championship Pair:

  • Emma McDonald, Claire Aitken

Racing tough opposition in tough conditions, they fought right the way down the course, coming 5th in their semi-final.

Men’s Championship Eight:

  • Matthew Mole, Iain McLaughlin, Gerard Gallagher, Callum Sinclair, Aaron Nicholson, Stuart Mitchell, Brennan Taylor, Johan Almgren, Megan Wallace- 6th

A strong time-trial placed them 6th, giving the crew hope of making the final, something Glasgow hasn’t done in the men’s Championship Eight for some years. In the semi-final they settled in a comfortable pace and held third place from start to finish. In a final filled with the top student eights, the men’s eight flew off the start, still being in the pack at 500m gone, but sadly in the latter parts of the race, they faded into 6th place.

Men’s Intermediate Eight:

  • Michael Guilbert, Morgan Serpell, Isaac Piano, Calum Williamson, Adam Kisvari, Ben Sugden, Conor Steeds, Jack Hatchman, Lindsey Vest- 17th

Placed 17th in time-trial, they held on to position by finishing 5th in the C final. In the early parts of the race, they battled with Herriot-Watt University but eventually slipped into 5th. In the final 250m Cardiff University made a desperate charge for the line that GUBC just held off, beating Cardiff by 0.5 seconds.

Women’s Lightweight Single:

  • Emma McDonald- 1st

Placing 4th in time-trial and finishing second in semi, Emma comfortably got through to the A final, keeping her form well under wraps. She blew away the field in the final, winning by 10 seconds to retain her title won last year.

Women’s Championship Eight:

  • Robyn Gillies, Gráinne Maguire Conneely, Emma McDonald, Claire Aitken, Flora Wharton, Rosanna Loy, Charlotte Bawn, Ellen Smith, Rachael Scott- 6th

A hard fought race by the girls, racing the some of the countries top crews into an unrelenting head wind.

Men’s Championship Coxless Four:

  • Iain McLaughlin, Callum Sinclair, Matthew Mole, Aaron Nicholson

In a category filled with talent, the GUBC crew gave it their all to finish 6th in their semi-final.

Men’s Championship Coxed Four:

  • Michael Guilbert, Morgan Serpell, Brennan Taylor, Johan Almgren, Lindsey Vest

The boys battled with Exeter and St.Andrews University for a place in the final but lost out to finish 5th.

Women’s Beginner Coxed Four:

  • Imogen Brophy, Eilidh Davidson, Ellen Huison, Caitlin Champain, Eloise Jones- 23rd

After sprinting of the blocks, the fell back in to 5th place in the D final, giving them a very respectable placing of 23rd.

Men’s Beginner Eight:

  • George Cox, Sam Brewer, Kieran Kay, Calum MacLeod, Ben Sugden, Crad Roberts, Vlad Medvensky, Rory Armour, Victoria Wyllie- 24th

With a good time-trial, the novice eight qualified for the D final. Determined to improve upon their time-trial, they rated 40 out of the blocks to have the lead up to the 500m mark until disaster struck and a seat came off the rails. The boy’s composed themselves and crossed the line in 6th place.

Women’s Intermediate Eight:

  • Maggie Ulyatt, Anna Winton, Hannah Adams, Amy Fraser, Baraat Boutaleb, Maeve Dale, Katie Mackie, Bethany Thomson, Harriet Johnson- 16th

Starting off in 5th place, they closed the gap on Leeds University all the way down the course, eventually overtaking them in the last 500m to take 4th place in the C final.

Women’s Beginner Quad:

  • Ella Gourlay, Anna Smith, Hebe Shedden, Izzy Warren- 3rd

In the first year of the category at BUCS regatta, the women in the final push themselves into 3rd place and never relinquished the bronze medal despite a challenge from Reading University.

Women’s Lightweight Pair:

  • Emma McDonald, Flora Wharton- 3rd

Having won the time-trial, their semi-final and being the current title holders, they were favourites going into the final but would be facing tough opposition from two of Edinburgh’s top lightweights.  Into a tough headwind, they lead the field up to the 1km mark until first of all Edinburgh then Cambridge over took them. They did enough to secure the bronze medal

Men’s Championship Pair:

  • Callum Sinclair, Matthew Mole

In to a brutal cross-head wind, the pair did well to place 5th in their semi-final.

Women’s Championship Four:

  • Rosanna Loy, Flora Wharton, Emma McDonald, Claire Aitken- 6th

A hard fought race in the final against the best crews in the country.

Women’s Intermediate Coxed Four:

  • A- Charlotte Bawn, Katie Mackie, Gráinne Maguire Conneely, Ellen Smith, Rachael Scott- 5th
  • B-Anna Winton, Hannah Adams, Maeve Dale, Bethany Thomson-23rd

Despite marshalling problems impeding the A crews’ time-trial, they raced hard to get themselves into the A final where they finished 5th, fighting right to the finish line with Oxford Brookes. The B crew also had a good time-trial to place them in the top third of the large category.

Men’s Intermediate Coxed Four:

  • Gerard Gallagher, Stuart Mitchell, Jack Hatchman, Isaac Piano, Megan Wallace- 25th

Only recently put together, they were the fastest qualifiers for E final which sadly got cancelled to adverse weather conditions.

Men’s Intermediate Quad

  • Jack Hatchman, Stuart Mitchell, Aaron Nicholson, Brennan Taylor- 13th

In a good time-trial, the crew was pushed on by a chasing Sheffield University crew. They qualified for the C final but cancelled due to the weather.

Men’s Beginner Coxed Four:

  • Calum MacLeod, Kieran Kay, Sam Brewer, George Cox, Victoria Wyllie- 41st

A respectable position in a tightly contested event split by tight margins.

Women’s Beginner Eight:

  • Imogen Brophy, Eilidh Davidson, Ellen Huison, Caitlin Champain, Ella Gourlay, Anna smith, Izzy Warren, Jess Magee, Megan Wallace- 15th

An impressive time-trial to finish top half rowing into tough conditions that more experienced rowers struggled in.

Women’s Beginner Coxed Four:

  • A-Imogen Brophy, Eilidh Davidson, Ellen Huison, Caitlin Champain, Calum Williamson-21st
  • B-Jess Magee, Sophie Colbert, Lucy Miller, Eilean Dickson, Victoria Wyllie-45th

Well placed in time-trials in the conditions, unfortunately minor finals were raced.


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