Strathclyde Regatta and Scottish Student Rowing Championship Day 1 Winners


Women’s Coxless Four/Scottish Student Champ Ladies: Claire Aitken, Flora Wharton, Rosanna Loy, Emma McDonald

In an event full of tough opposition, the Glasgow crew flew out of the blocks into an early lead which they never lost.

Scottish Student Champ Men Intermediate Coxed Four: Morgan Serpell, Brennen Taylor, Johan Almgren, Michael Guilbert, Lindsey Vest (Cox)

Having dominated their semifinal, they were strong favourites heading into the final. They didn’t disappoint, convincingly winning the race by over 3 lengths.


Scottish Student Champ Ladies Beginner Coxed Four: Caitlin Champain, Ellen Huison, Eilidh Davidson, Imogen Brophy, Rona Sinclair (Cox)

An amazing achievement winning their first regatta race ever!

rowing 4.jpg

Scottish Student Champ Men Intermediate Eight:  Jack Hatchman, Conor Steeds, Adam Kisvari, Aaron Nicholson, Johan Almgren, Iain McLaughlin Jr., Morgan Serpell, Michael Guilbert, Lindsey Vest (Cox)

In a head to head race with Edinburgh, it was Glasgow that came out on top, giving us the bragging rights in both the intermediate four and eight!

rowing 3.jpg

Scottish Student Champ Ladies Intermediate Coxed Four: Baraat Boutaleb, Amy Fraser, Magdalen Ulyatt, Robyn Gillies, Harriet Johnson (Cox)

Having been down off the start, the endurance built over the winter really showed when they came back to win!

rowing 2.jpg


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