WEHORR and HORR 2016 Summary

Our best WEHORR and HORR ever!

Women’s Eights Head of the River:

Our fastest woman’s eight, despite a last minute sub!

Four eights, the most GUBC have ever sent, took the eight hour bus journey to London with the aim of being the fastest woman’s squad we have ever had. Before the racing even began, a very last minute sub had to be made for the ill Katie Mackie, meaning that novice Women’s helper coach, Mairi Iredale kindly stepped up to the plate, despite having not rowed competitively for two years.

GUBC A, who were racing in the toughest category of ‘elite’, finished 35th, the highest ever finish position for Glasgow at WEHORR. This is impressive on its own, let alone with the fact there was a last minute sub in the boat! Huge congratulations go to them. GUBC B weren’t far behind them and finished 63rd, the highest position ever for a B crew from Glasgow and the 6th highest finish position of any GUBC crew! Both of our novice crews performed admirably in their first race on Tideway as well, improving upon their start positions.

The future is bright for GUBC at WEHORR! Only a few of the GUBC rowers graduate this year and having such a large depth in the women’s squads, so who knows how long the club record of 35th will stand for?

Glasgow A (Elite University), 35th, 20:44.1: Cox: Rachel Scott 8. Flora Wharton 7. Emma McDonald 6. Rosanna Loy 5. Claire Aitken 4. Charlotte Bawn 3. Grainne Conneely 2. Ellen Smith 1. Mairi Iredale

Glasgow B (Intermediate University), 62nd, 21:12.7: Cox: Harriet Tymon-Johnson 8. Amy Fraser 7. Maeve Dale 6. Kirsten Cooper 5. Robyn Gillies 4. Faith Hodgins 3. Baraat Boutaleb 2. Bethany Elinor 1. Maggie Ulyatt

Glasgow C (Novice Academic), 240th, 23:34.8: Cox: Eloise Jones 8. Ella Gourlay 7. Jess Magee 6. Hebe Sedden 5. Eilidh Davidson 4. Phoebe Smith 3. Laura Arcos 2. Izzy Warren 1. Annie Hunter

Glasgow D (Novice Academic), 282nd, 24:51.5: Cox: Calum Williamson 8. Jenny McGregor 7. Caitlin Champain 6. Ellen Huison 5. Katie Keenan 4. Lucy Miller 3. Eilean Dickson 2. Lucy Rawbone 1. Sophie Colbert



Head of the River:

Glasgow University’s joint highest finishing position at Head of the River!

The eight-hour journey from Glasgow and the long slog through rough water with a head wind most of the way down the course was made worthwhile by achieving our best results ever at Head of the River. Glasgow I finished in the joint highest position GUBC has ever achieved, equalling the record set 11 years ago in 2005! Glasgow II and III finished the highest B and C crew the club has ever had, showing the fantastic depth in the men’s squad.

It is hard to believe that we are only a year on from GUBC sending only one novice eight to the race. GUBC fielding 3 strong eights this year is testament to the hard work of the new coaches coming this year and the extra funding we have received from the University and SportScotland. With almost all GUBC rowers in there first or second year of rowing and set to return next year, the hunt is well and truly on to beat our positions next year! Roll on 2017!

Glasgow I (Intermediate), 39th, 18:51.95: Cox. Megan Wallace 8. Matthew Mole 7. Iain McLaughlin 6. Aaron Nicholson 5. Callum Sinclair 4. Gerard Gallagher 3. Johan Almgren 2. Brennen Taylor 1. Morgan Serpell

Glasgow II (Intermediate 3 Academic), 168th, 20:05.15: Cox. Lindsey Vest 8. Michael Guilbert 7. Ewan Curle 6. Isaac Piano 5. Fraser Malone 4. Jacob Darrall 3. Adam Kisvari 2. Conor Steeds 1. Jack Hatchman

Glasgow III (Novice Academic), 305th, 21:56.72: Cox. Victoria Wyllie 8. Calum McLoed 7. Kieran Kay 6. Sam Brewer 5. Ben Sugden 4. Alejandro Guillen 3. George Cox 2. Crad Roberts 1. Rafael Molina



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